The GII HSE Management System (HSE-MS)

GII firmly believe that good HSE performance is integral to quality, and that HSE is as important a measure of product quality as any technical, financial or other aspect of that product.

GII further believes that safe operations can be achieved through the pro-active management of risk. The purpose of the HSE-MS is to provide a system for continuously identifying and controlling hazards and risks which may arise through any aspect of the company's operations. GII recognise that their operations may have an impact on the health of personnel or on the environment as well as on safety, and management of these matters is included in the HSE-MS.


 The HSE-MS sets out the system for management of HSE on GII field operations and at fixed locations. It is a web-based system, providing rapid dissemination and sharing of HSE information in a paper-free environment. The corporate HSE-MS manual, project HSE Plans, company performance and statistics can all be viewed on a web browser.

The HSE-MS reflects GII's corporate culture and commitment to the highest HSE standards (OGP, IAGC).