Oil and Gas Exploration

Seismic Surveys Offered

  • Deep seismic reflection surveys for oil and gas exploration, 2D and 3D (vibroseis, dynamite) land and transition zone.
  • Shallow, high-resolution seismic reflection surveys (land and transition zone) for gas exploration, water resources development and mineral exploration.
  • Well-log velocity surveys.
  • P-wave and S-wave refraction surveys.

Our seismic field acquisition crew has a wide recognition for performance, reliability, creative solutions and high standards of seismic data acquisition.

GII's Processing Center specializes in land and marine processing and, in step with the industry, incorporates both batch setup and enhanced interactive processing.

Our Interpretation Group provides design and management of seismic surveys as well as continuous assistance during the entire exploration process.

We also provide Gravity and Magnetic surveys, which are important geophysical tools in the Oil and Gas Exploration Industry.