2012-The Geophysical Institute of Israel finalized nowadays a 2D Seismic Survey on behalf of a partnership of oil & gas companies, among them; Strait Oil & Gas and Range Resources Ltd. It is worthwhile to mention that since 1997, this is the fourth time; GII is conducting a seismic survey in Georgia. 
The project included 20 seismic lines with a total length of 200 Km. in different regions in the central part of Georgia (Sachkhere, Chiatura, Tkibuli, Zstafoni, Kutaisi).

The Seismic Survey conducted with Dynamite as seismic source of energy. Accordingly, some 3000 drill holes were used; many of them along rough terrain, some time inaccessible even for 4X4 wheel trucks. The actual Data Recording started on August 18 and ended by the end of October.
It is worthwhile to mention that GII awarded to conduct the Seismic Data Processing of the entire project, i.e. 200 line kilometers. The processing started nowadays in GII's processing center in Israel.

Parallel to the seismic survey, GII conducted a Magnetic and Gravity survey which measured all the former mentioned 200 Km. lines - this data gave a great add value to the interpretation of the subsurface structure for oil & gas investigation.

 2010-The Geophysical Institute of Israel finished effectively the 2D seismic project in April 2010 conducted on behalf of Strait Oil & Gas Company. The project included 410 line Kilometers which were spread out between Samtredia (west of the City of Kutaisi) in the west and Sachkhere in the east (some 2,000 sq. Km.)
The survey was executed along the winter when part of the project done in difficult weather conditions, including: snow, rain - which last several days, fog decreasing the visibility, ice on the roads and muddy off roads.
In spite of those conditions, no LTI (severe injuries) were reported all along the survey; though high quality of field acquisition was kept. Preliminary seismic results were of good quality and rise great interest at the client's professional level.
Following the seismic survey GII was well accredited for its determination and persistence during the field acquisition and data quality to upgrade the seismic crew reputation - which GII strongly believes will enhance its ability and chances to reward future seismic projects in Georgia and other places around the world.

On 2001 GII has been awarded another contract in The Republic of Georgia; by National Oil Co. Ltd., Geneva Switzerland - for conducting a seismic onshore 2D project of 275 line Km. 
 Two seismic projects have been conducted during the year 1997on behalf of two different companies:
• A 2D seismic project along some 305 line Km. for JKX Oil & Gas plc- an exploration and production company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. 
• Additional survey of 25 line Km. has been conducted for CanArgo-Georgia, also known as the Georgian-British Oil Company (GBOC), is Georgia's leading oil Producer.

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