Geophysical Data Base

GII Geophysical Archive

An extensive database can make all the difference in your next field exploration.

Over the years, we have processed and archived thousands of cross- sections with a variety of field configurations and sources, both land and marine, 2-D and 3-D.

We have the most comprehensive geophysical database of the region, containing a wealth of seismic data, field tapes of all the seismic surveys done in Israel, gravity and magnetic data, geological information and DTM files, research reports, logs and test data of wells drilled in Israel and the Middle East.



Geological and Geophysical Database
The Petroleum Unit is responsible for managing and preserving all professional reports and data pertaining to petroleum and natural gas prospecting taking place in Israel until today. These must be submitted by the companies to the Unit in accordance with the Law. The geophysical data, which include seismic surveys and electrical, logical and other tests in drill sites, are valuable and sensitive. The information is kept in a special database, the "National Geophysical Archive", maintained by the Geophysical Institute of Israel in Lod. This archive is utilized for this purpose under the auspices of The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources.

The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources policy is to provide all data accumulated in the Geological and Geophysical Databases – following their confidentiality release – to all prospectors, so as to assist them and increase their likelihood of success. The Petroleum Unit supervises information distribution to all applicants via the Institutes' information centers, and works to establish a comprehensive database managed by the Unit itself.

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