EM, Gravity & Magnetic

Potential and Electromagnetic fields are harnessed to provide invaluable insights into the sub-surface structure, composition and physical properties. Ore body and intrusion anomalies, faults, dikes and lineaments can all be mapped out using gravity and magnetic data. Electromagnetic methods can provide resistivity-conductivity and electric potential profiles critical for electrical engineering, metals and water exploration.

The GII's dedicated teams and state-of-the-art equipment and software enable its clients to gain the full benefits from Grav/Mag/EM combinations, whether as primary tools for exploration, or supporting data layers in the full exploration campaign. 

  • Survey Design - geophysical and logistical survey design.
  • Acquisition - regional and local campaigns in all terrains.
  • Advanced Processing - senior geophysicists working together with your team to make the most of your data.
  • Integration - stitch, resurrect, reprocess and integrate various data sets and methods.
  • Interpretation - senior geophysicists and geologists integrating potential field and EM data with your seismic data and geological knowledge to gain new insights.